Responsive Web Design

As we all know, the web has evolved far beyond desktop browsers. Every website we design and build is compatible with mobile & tablet, crafted with web standards to ensure compatibility across all standard platforms.About 35-40% of web traffic will come from mobile devices and tablets this year. We use responsive web design methods so your site scales and optimizes content seamlessly depending on screen size. From phones to tablets and everything else, your site will look like it was built for any device.
At ArtwotksIT, we’ve been practicing the responsive web design method since day one. When the technology was first introduced, we saw an opportunity to create value and efficiency for our clients, where others were stuck to the notion of costly mobile only sites. The responsive web design method is fully integrated throughout our web design and development. Beginning with the user experience and visual design stages, we are already planning for how the site will work responsively. So as we are coding the front-end of the site, we are already prepared, helping us to work faster and more efficiently.

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